Monday, September 11, 2006

Checking in from Paris

So, I suppose I ought to be rather red-faced. That whole promise of making music this summer evaporated at the moment when I started preparing to leave for France. Despite making NO plans to do anything other than work part-time this summer, I was inundated with the minutiae of moving overseas.

On the upside, I have a busy blog of my time in Paris:

and I did go out last saturday for some...Minimal Dancin! Actually, the lineup was pretty nice, and the crowd was hoppin.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

All quiet on the musical front

So far, nothing has been happening music-making-wise. Guilt continues to mount.

On the upside, I'm making some headway on my final paper for my final class FOREVER!! (my coursework for the PhD is done after this).

Also, at some point I want to actually put something up on my homepage (see link in sidebar), but I want to make it a nice, flash-rich page, which will require a bit of time to set up. I'm tempted to build the whole thing with static pages first and then turn it into flash, but that seems like a lot of wasted effort...

This was supposed to be a leisurly summer!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Promise

So, just before I left on vacation to Canada, Peter and I agreed to produce an EP this summer, come hell or high water. I promised myself I would actually follow through and produce some music, rather than write about it or spin it on my decks (both of these are valid and important endeavors—in case you're thinking that I'm being some sort of DIY praxis-snob).

A promise, however, is not a promise unless it's also somewhat public. There needs to be a public witness (even if it's only implied) to make the agreement stick. So, I'm sticking this promise in the place on the internet where the public and private dissolve into each other: a blog. Hopefully, the possibility that some anonymous public is reading this and judging me based on my capacity to actually fulfill my promise will light a fire under my ass.

More to come! Or else I suck!