Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Etude 003: Presets Only!

The theme for today: only use presets!

Considering that the goal here it produce something every day or so, I was a bit annoyed by how much time I spent last night cutting up those field recordings, fishing out the good bits, and then preparing them for use in Ableton Live. I'm still pretty committed to the "musique concrète" ethos of music-making, but this time I wanted to spend less time finding and preparing the sounds, and more time making loops and a longer track. There results were pretty good, I must say.

The main rhythmic groove of this track was made with the built-in MIDI percussion instrument for Ableton Live, Impulse ("Electron Rock" setting). I just tapped the whole thing out on my computer keyboard, and then deleted layers to create the opening build-up. The melodic line was a built-in synth from the Simpler instrument set, and the table-like drums came from a set of audio clips that shipped with Live.

As with previous tracks, don't forget to listen to this through some decent speakers! The melodic line is quite low, so you might not hear it through laptop speakers.

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